This was my web site promoting the Seattle Monorail Project, but the project was cancelled in November 2005.
I am maintaining this site for historical reference.

My Ideas for Monorail Routes

Monorail lines can provide a safe, cost-effective, high-speed rapid transit system for some parts of Seattle and the surrounding area

On this page I present some of my opinions about possible routes for a regional monorail system.

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NOTE: This page is originally from 2002, at a time when it was expected that the momorail system would be built and before construction of light rail was started. For an updated version of this page click here.

ROUTE NO. 1, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO WEST SEATTLE: This route is the southern part of the Green Line now being planned for the Seattle Monorail Project. Basically, it goes from Downtown Seattle, south past the Seahawks Football Stadium (Qwest Field) and Safeco Field, to Spokane St., then West to West Seattle. My opinion is tha t this route could eventually be extended south through White Center to Burien. A possible routing would be south on California to Thistle, east on Thistle to 35th Ave. S.W., south on 35th to S.W. Roxbury St., east on Roxbury to 16th Ave. S.W., thence south on 16th Ave. S.W. and Ambaum Blvd. to Burien.

ROUTE NO. 2, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO BALLARD, CROWN HILL, NORTHGATE, AND LAKE CITY: This route is, in part, the northern part of the Green Line now being planned by the Seattle Monorail Project. Basically this route goes north from Downtown Seattle, past the Seattle Center and Key Arena, then westerly to Elliott Ave. W., then northwest along Elliott Ave. W., across the Ship Canal, north along 15th Ave. N.W. to about N.W. 85th St. in the Crown Hill Neighborhood in Seattle. This is where the Green Line will end, however I would like to see it extended to along Holman Road and N. 105th St. to the Northgate Transit Center, then to Lake City via 5th Ave. N.E., N.E. Northgate Way, and Lake City Way N.E.

I feel this extension is very important to greatly increase the ridership and revenues on the Green Line, and for a number of other reasons. For more information, click here.

ROUTE NO. 3, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO RAINIER VALLEY, SOUTHCENTER, AND SEATAC AIRPORT: I originally proposed this route to be built instead of a proposed line. The light rail line, called Link, is now under construction. I am keeping this route on my web site for reference. Click here for details.

ROUTE NO. 4, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO THE UNIVERSITY DISTRICT AND LAKE CITY: This route would replace the proposed northern part of Link light rail. It would begin at the Stewart Street station of the Green Line, then go east along Denny Way, then north along Westlake Ave. N., then east along Mercer St. or Valley St. to Fairview, then north along Fairview Ave. and Eastlake Ave. to the University District and the University of Washington. From the University District the monorail would go north to Lake City Way N.E. and follow that street through Lake City and eventually to Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Bothell, and Woodinville. The portion of this route within the Seattle city limits approximates the Rainbow Line of the Seattle Monorail Project. Click here for details of this route.

ROUTE NO. 5, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO GEORGETOWN, SEATAC, FEDERAL WAY, AND TACOMA: This route would use the Green Line (my Route 1) from Downtown Seattle, then branch off north of S. Spokane St., then continue south along East Marginal Way S., past the Boeing plant, and along Pacific Highway S. to Seatac Airport, and on south along Pacific Highway S. through Federal Way and Fife to Tacoma. A portion of this route approximates a portion of the Seattle Monorail Project’s proposed Blue Line.

ROUTE NO. 6, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO FREMONT AND NORTH ALONG AURORA: This route would approximately follow Aurora Ave. N. northward through North Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Lynnwood, and eventually to Everett and Marysville. This route would be the main regional high-speed route from the north. The Seattle portion of this route is similar to the northern portion of the Blue Line of the Seattle Monorail Project.

ROUTE NO. 7, THE GREEN RIVER VALLEY ROUTE: This route would connect to route no. 5 at East Marginal Way and the Boeing Access Road. The Green River Valley route would follow East Marginal Way S. to Interurban Ave. S., then Interurban Ave. S. and the West Valley Highway south through Kent, Auburn, and Sumner to Puyallup, then west to Tacoma.

ROUTE NO. 8, DOWNTOWN SEATTLE TO ISSAQUAH: This route would cross the Interstate 90 bridge and serve Mercer Island, Factoria, Eastgate, and Issaquah.

ROUTE NO. 9, BURIEN, TUKWILA, RENTON, FACTORIA, BELLEVUE, KIRKLAND, BOTHELL/WOODINVILLE: This route would go from Burien to Southcenter Mall, then east to Renton and north to Factoria, then north to Bellevue, Kirkland, and Bothell/Woodinville. It could potentially be extended northward to Alderwood Mall. It would interconnect with routes 15, 5, Link light rail, 7, 8, 10, 11, 4, and possibly 6 west of Alderwood Mall.

ROUTE NO. 10, BELLEVUE TO REDMOND: Would begin at a station serving Bellevue Square and the Bellevue Transit Center on route number 9, and follow Bel-Red Road to the Overlake area, then north on 156th Ave. N.E. through the Microsoft campus to N.E. 40th St., then east to Redmond.

ROUTE NO. 11, 520 BRIDGE ROUTE: If a new SR 520 bridge is built, I think monorail should be incorporated in the design. This route would connect with route 4 in Seattle, route 9 at the Kirkland/Bellevue boundary, and would roughly follow Northup Road to connect with route 10 in Overlake.

ROUTE NO. 12, CAPITOL HILL AND BEACON HILL: This route would roughly follow the proposed Gold Line of the Seattle Monorail Project, following 10th Ave. E. and Broadway on Capitol Hill and Beacon Ave. S. on Beacon Hill, to interconnect the University of Washington and Renton via Skyway.

ROUTE NO. 13, SHILSHOLE TO MAGNUSON PARK: The proposed Purple Line of the Seattle Monorail Project. Would start around Shilshole Marina or Golden Gardens Park and roughly follow Shilshole Way, N.W. Market Street, N. 45th St., N.E. 45th St., and Sandpoint Way N.E. to provide east-west service.

ROUTE NO. 14, SOUTH PARK TO RAINIER VALLEY: Essentially the proposed Red Line of the Seattle Monorail Project. Would begin at White Center and go roughly east to serve South Park, the Boeing industrial area, and Rainier Beach.

ROUTE NO. 15, DELRIDGE-BURIEN ROUTE: Would branch off of the Green Line near S.W. Spokane St. and Delridge Way S.W. and follow Delridge Way, 16th Ave. S. and Ambaum Way S. through White Center to Burien.

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