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The Seattle Monorail Project shut down in the mid-2000s and their web site,, was abandoned and is now owned by others and is being used for other purposes. I, Bob Fleming, want to try to preserve the old website for historical reference, and am gathering parts of the old site. I am preserving the old web pages in their original condition as much as possible, however I have to make technical changes to make the web site work on my web site. for example to change internal links from to locations on my own site.

Please note that there will be many bad links and missing images because I can only find parts of the old web site and over the years many external sources have disappeared.

Although I am, as much as possible, retaining the appearance of the old pages, I am adding my own heading (what you are reading now) and footing material in green boxes to distinguish them from the original page. I also plan to add some of my own pages to notify users when they click on bad links.

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1999 web site for Elevated Transportation Company

2003 Milestones to Opening Day of the Green Line

IMPORTANT: This is not the official web site of the Seattle Monorail Project, but rather my efforts to compile and organize information and web pages from the official site. The actual web site of the Seattle Monorail Project,, has been shut down.

I am going to gradually gather material from various sources and put it on this archival site. I have some information myself, and am finding other information on various web sites. There is also a web site,, that has a vast archive of old web pages, including the Seattle Monorail Project. Just type “” into the space asking for a URL.

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This page was last updated on 16 May 2016.