This was my web site promoting the Seattle Monorail Project, but the project was cancelled in November 2005.
I am maintaining this site for historical reference.

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What is the Gold Line?

The Gold Line is one of six monorail lines planned for a monorail rapid-transit system in Seattle.

Click here for more information about the proposed 6-line monorail system

Click here for a map of the proposed 6-line monorail system

Where will the Gold Line Go?

The Gold Line is currently defined as a “corridor”, a wide strip of land within which it is expected the Gold Line would be built.

The Gold Corridor would roughly connect Beacon Hill and/or Rainier Valley with Laurelhurst, Sand Point, and Lake City, via Capitol Hill, with a link from Capitol Hill to Downtown.

What Is the Project Schedule?

The Gold Corridor is one of several corridors being evaluated in the process of selecting a corridor for the second phase line to be built in the city-wide system. During 2004 the Seattle Monorail Project will be evaluating different corridors, with public input helping decide which corridor will be most popular. It is anticipated that a decision on a specific corridor will be made late in 2004 or early 2005.

On July 2, 2004, preliminary reports were released for three other corridors. The report for the Gold Corridor has not come out yet.

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