ST3 Proposes Light Rail to Ballard and West Seattle

Reactivate the Green Line Monorail Instead!

by Bob Fleming

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Sound Transit, the regional rapid transit agency for the Seattle area, is proposing a major new project for expansion of light rail in the region. The proposal is called Sound Transit 3 (ST3). Two parts of the proposal are for light rail from Downtown Seattle north to the Ballard district, and south and west to the West Seattle area.

The failed Green Line monorail project would have served these same two areas, although different parts, especially in West Seattle. The ST3 proposal would include a light rail route from Tacoma, through Downtown Seattle, and then on to Ballard, and another route from Everett to Seattle and on to West Seattle. The proposal includes new tunnels under Downtown Seattle to handle the increased rail traffic from these two routes and other new routes.

I strongly believe that it would be better to reactivate the failed Green Line project, with some changes. It should be cost much less than building new tunnels, could be completed in less time, and be a more attractive ride for passengers than looking out the windows at a tunnel wall.

My Proposal For a New Green Line Monorail

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