Book, “Rise Above it All’ by Dick Falkenbury

Read How a Popular and Very Desirable Project Was Mismanaged to Death

by Bob Fleming

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Dick Falkenbury is the cab driver that gathered support to build a monorail system in Seattle. Over several years the grassroots effort grew into the Seattle Monorail Project. Then, with the start of construction only few months away, a confused public voted to kill the project. Why did such a popular and desirable project crash and burn?

in Rise Above it All Mr. Falkenbury gives an insider’s view of how a great idea became a great project, only to be led astray by mismanagement and other problems until finally politicians and the discouraged public killed it.

This book is a real eye opener and shows why, in my opinion, the original concept of a monorail was such a good idea and which, under proper leadership, should be revived.

In order to show the passion of the people involved in the project, the author has quoted the explicit language used. I can not recommend this book to people who are offended by profanity or around children. But for others, I think it is valuable and fascinating reading.

I haven’t researched availability of this book, but I bought mine at

The Seattle Public Library has a few copies of this book.

Here, you can find out more about the book by reading the back cover:
Back cover of book, “Rise Above it All” by Dick Falkenbury.

Cover of book, “Rise Above it All” by Dick Falkenbury.

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