My Ideas for New Monorail Projects

by Bob Fleming

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I have several ideas in mind where people should consider the possiblility of building a modern monorail line.

REPLACEMENT SEATTLE CENTER MONORAIL — Replacing the existing and historic, but aging, Seattle Center Monorail with a new, modern line along the same route except that the station at Westlake Center would be relocated and at the other end the Seattle Center station would be relocated and the line extended to a new station south of Key Arena. For details, click here.

PART OF THE GREEN LINE — Although I would like to see the entire Green Line built, I think it would be better to initially seek voter approval for a segment of the Green Line, with more to be added later, subject to voter approval. The first segment could be from the sports stadiums, through Downtown Seattle, past Key Arena, and into the Interbay area. Another possibility is from Downtown to West Seattle. One of my proposals is to solve traffic congestion controversy around the sports stadiums and proposed new arena in Sodo with a monorail through Sodo, downtown Seattle, past Key Arena, and include large parking lots in undeveloped areas for sports fans who can then use the monorail to reach the event. Click here for details about the Sodo Monorail. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn proposes light rail between Downtown Seattle and Ballard, but a portion of the Green Line monorail would cost less, attract more riders, require less land, and have other advantages. Click here for details on the Ballard Monorail.

AURORA AVENUE NORTH — This route has the advantage of following a main business and residential corridor, and should have high ridership. It could start out as a segment from Downtown Seattle to Green Lake, for example, with more segments to be added later. Potentially this route could eventually reach Shoreline or beyond.

EASTSIDE RAIL CORRIDOR — The highly controversial Eastside Rail Corridor, an old rail line from Renton to Woodinville, could be used used as a monorail route, with plenty of room underneath for a bicyling and recreational trail. If the right-of-way is wide enough it could also include a light-use rail line for the Washington Dinner Train and other low-speed use. More about my proposed Eastside Rail Corridor monorail.

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