DVDs Showing the Advantages of Monorail for Mass Transit

by Bob Fleming

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There are several DVDs available about monorails, showing that monorails are not just amusement park rides, but are also like light rail and subways in providing excellent rapid transit.

Monorails of Japan — Japan has more monorails than any other country. This DVD shows several of those monorails, of various types and in various environments, and showing how they can operate not only as an elevated line, but in some cases on the surface and even in tunnels. It can be seen how they can thread themselves along narrow roads in a built-up urban area, attached to a freeway, and how they can be built with little loss of housing and businesses in the areas through which they pass. Sold by The Monorail Society.

Monorails of Malaysia — In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has a modern monorail line. This DVD shows why it is so successful. Sold by The Monorail Society.

The Las Vegas Monorail — This DVD is about the first true urban monorail rapid transit line, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sold by The Monorail Society.

High Tech Monorails — Experience this mesmerizing and efficient technology in some of the most exotic locations around the globe where monorails have found new life. From the 311 mph magnetically levitated monorail in Shanghai to the 100 year old Victorian Schwebebahn monorail in Germany. Learn how monorails are built and tested in Bombardier's monorail factory in Canada, see the world's first hybrid diesel monorail in Kuala Lumpur and find out why Los Angeles declined a free 40 mile monorail system the city so desperately needs. Experience the storied past and spectacular future of this promised transporter who's time has finally arrived. This 2 disc Directors Select Edition includes the original uncut broadcast version that has aired on major networks around the world plus hours of spectacular never before seen bonus features including the directors and cinematographers commentary, Numerous extended and deleted acts, 10 photo galleries, Ride the rails (a cockpit view of 7 featured monorails through their complete routes) and much more. (Description courtesy of Amazon.com) Available from amazon.com.

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