Map of South Link Monorail Line (My Route 3)

Showing other relevant lines.

by Bob Fleming

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This is an old page no longer relevant except for what could have been. The Central Link light rail line has been completed.

This map is based on a Sound Transit map showing the route for Central Link light rail, in dark red.

I have added the following:

In green, the approximate route of the Seattle Monorail Project’s Green Line, scheduled to begin service in 2007 over part of the line and be fully completed in 2009. I have omitted the route in West Seattle as it is not relevant to Link Monorail.

In orange, the approximate route of my proposed Central Link Monorail. I do not show my proposed North Link Monorail on this map. Note that Link Monorail includes service to both Southcenter Mall and the SeaTac Airport terminal building.

In blue, a proposed future monorail line that would interconnect the Green Line and the southern part of Link Monorail to provide a more direct route between Downtown Seattle and the airport. This link could very well be part of the Blue Line proposed by the Seattle Monorail Project as one of four more lines to follow the Green Line in the future.

Map of proposed momorail route

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