This was my web site promoting the Seattle Monorail Project, but the project was cancelled in November 2005.
I am maintaining this site for historical reference.

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My Proposed Route, in Detail

CROWN HILL STATION TO GREENWOOD: From the Crown Hill station at 15th Ave. N.W. and N.W. 85th St., continue north along 15th Ave. N.W. and then follow the curve to the right onto Holman Road N.W., which later becomes Holman Road N. Holman Road N. terminates at it's intersection with Greenwood Ave. N.

Near the intersection of Holman Road N., Greenwood Ave. N., and N. 105th St., there would be a station which would permit transfers to Metro routes 5 and 355 that run on Greenwood.

GREENWOOD TO AURORA: The monorail would follow N. 105th St. from Greenwood Ave. N. to Aurora Ave. N.

A station at Aurora would not only provide transfer to the number 358 bus line that runs along Aurora, but would eventually provide transfer to the Blue Line monorail that would probably follow Aurora.

AURORA TO NORTHGATE TRANSIT CENTER: Someplace east of Aurora the line would leave the street and deviate a little south of east so as to avoid a steep slope further east on 105th, and so as to work its way south so as to cross Meridian Ave. N. at the north end of North Seattle Community College, where there would be a station to serve the college and the businesses and apartments further north along Meridian Ave. N.

From the NSCC station the monorail would cross the Interstate 5 freeway to the Northgate Transit Center. Here there would be a large station and high-volume park-and-ride lots. This would be a major transfer station, with connections to many Metro and Sound Transit buses that serve the Transit Center, and possibly with Link light rail as proposed by Sound Transit.

NORTHGATE TRANSIT CENTER TO N.E. NORTHGATE WAY: From the Northgate Transit Center, the monorail line would go easterly to 5th Ave. N.E., then north along 5th Ave. N.E. to N.E. Northgate Way, where there would be a station to serve Northgate Mall and the many businesses north and east of the Mall. vAlong 5th Ave. N.E., I suggest an alignment just west of the street, along the east periphery of the Mall. This currently is all parking lot except for a single-story bank at the corner of Northgate Way. The owners of the mall, Simon Property Group, Inc., may grant an easement along the edge of its property as the monorail would bring more shoppers to the Mall. This alignment would also favor construction of the Northgate Way Station about 200-300 feet south of Northgate Way, on Simon property, bringing shoppers a little closer to the Mall. This location for the station would also permit a large-radius curve north of the station eastward onto Northgate Way. The large lot on the southeast corner of the intersection is currently vacant and the curve could pass over this property.

There is a project planned for major development of Northgate Mall and surrounding property, and this work should include the monorail in their design.

The station at 5th Ave. N.E. and N.E. Northgate Way would be the terminus of Phase 1 of the Green Line Extension.

Phase 2 would continue on to Lake City. I would like to see the train go all the way to Lake City, however I feel that Phase 1 is much more important than Phase 2. Extended the line to Northgate will add a major destination to the northern part of the line and the greatly increased ridership should help pay for the extension in a relatively short time.

I feel that an extension on to Lake City would further increase the usefulness of the line, but not nearly as much as the extension to Northgate. The number of riders between Northgate and Lake City will probably be fairly small, and when you consider how long the line will be from Lake City to Downtown, many people in Lake City will probably be inclined to take more direct bus service, such as Sound Transit’s number 522 or Metro Transit’s number 41.

Also, if work on the Lake City extension would delay work on the Blue Line, I would consider the Blue Line to be much more important.

Click here to follow the route for Phase 2 through Lake City.

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